Eco-friendly cleaning

Since the launch of Shravaka in 1991, ecology has always been at the heart of our development policy. Concerned about the environment and local ecology, we have prepared several actions and procedures to minimize our ecological footprint.

What is an Eco-product ?

There is no official definition or standard to decide whether a product is environmentally friendly or not. An Eco-friendly product is a product that generates the least impact on the environment throughout its use until its destruction and recycling.

100% ecological product does not exist

The 100% ecological product does not exist. A 100% ecological product would mean that it was made with renewable resources, without transportation, without fossil fuels, without air pollution and whose daily use does not harm the user and the environment. Even if our wish would be to reach as much as possible towards that ecological product, for the moment we have not arrived at this result yet. We can not produce our own products, the cost is too high for a cleaning company like ours. That’s why we decided to work with a supplier who had the same ecological culture. We quickly chose HAKAWERK.

HAKAWERK W. Schlotz GmbH has been validated according to EU-Regulation of the Eco Audit

HAKAWERK “has been guaranteeing for many years a high level of environmental protection through its products and packaging, the essential elements of which have been for more than 15 years the implementation of an environmental management system, the environmental auditing and the creation of an environmental program, which earned HAKAWERK its first Eco Audit certification in 1998.

Every year, the company is audited to verify the compliance of its Eco responsibility. EMAS is the most demanding system in the world for sustainable environmental management.

  • With EMAS we are actively involved in climate and environmental protection.
  • With EMAS we systematically reduce energy costs and save resources.
  • We can prove our take on social responsibility.
  • EMAS is the highest certification in terms of environmental protection.

Recharge of products

HAKAWERK “is one of the pioneers in refilling systems of its products, with no unnecessary pollution!

It all started with the 5 kg bucket NEUTRALSEIFE with which you fill the doser, tubes etc. and continue with the laundry refill packs to fill the boxes up to the shower gels and shampoos that are all available in refill bottle.

To find out more about our range of HAKAWERK products, you can find our entire range on: Our products. Quality products that respect the environment:

  • NEUTRALFUTUR: ultra-concentrated multipurpose cleaner.
  • HAKABELLA: Self-polishing wax emulsion.
  • HAKATOP: Acid intensive cleaner without perfume and pH 2 dye.
  • HAKATOP CITRO: descaler and acid cleaner.
  • FENSTERKLAR: clearwindow.
  • KRAFT-REINIGER: Intensive alkaline cleaner.
  • HAKSINOL: disinfectant cleaner, super active degreaser, bactericide and fungicide, concentrated.

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