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Shravaka is pleased to introduce you to its trusted partners.


High end house cleaning products.
The courage to innovate and the highest quality requirements have made Vorwerk a company combining international success with long tradition. Established in 1883 in Wuppertal (Germany), Vorwerk & Co has grown, over 130 years of existence, from the rug factory to a broadly diversified international group. Until today, Vorwerk has always remained a family business.



Hakawerk, founded in 1946, is a family business run today by the third generation.
For almost 70 years we have been designing and manufacturing our products only in Germany with a constant demand for environmental protection and high technology.


Node 1922

Node is a United Organization, aware of the diversity of its members. This company is particularly respectful of all the peculiarities of each profession.



Infomaniak Network SA is a company founded in 1994 and wholly owned by its two Swiss founders, Boris Siegenthaler and Fabian Lucchi. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland, where all its employees work. It owns three data centers as well as all the critical elements for the operation of services and products provided by the company (both software and hardware). To ensure better control, IT solutions are developed and maintained only internally and the company favors Swiss or European products.


Le Lancéen

Le Journal Le Lancéen is a monthly communal information from two associations of interest of the City of Lancy, of Grand-Lancy and of Petit-Lancy. Shravaka is a major and historical partner of LeLancéen.


Hypros company Geneva


HYPROS SA is a historical and family business that has become a major player in hygiene and maintenance for professionals. The company has earned its leading position in French-speaking Switzerland by being faithful to its values of always: “customer satisfaction, know-how, quality and proximity.”


Attrac'tifs hair salon Geneva

Attrac’tifs Coiffure

Attrac’tifs Coiffure: for the well-being of your hair, close to Geneva.
A professional service for dreamy hair !


DigitalMYM Digital Web Marketing Agency - Website / Advertising / Graphic Design / Social Media / Media Marketing

Digital MYM

Digital marketing agency.
Website / Advertising / Graphic Design / Social Media / Marketing




Aplifilms, with 35 years of expertise in adhesive films for glazing and CSA Publicité, with over 20 years of expertise in advertising, is now the Aplifilms & Csa Publicité Sàrl Group whose primary objective is to respond with quality to the requests of its customers.

Aplifilms realized the advertising applied on our showcase in Grand-Lancy.