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Office cleaning

After our visit, your offices will look better than ever. We have been working with professionals offices since 1991. We know their requirements and expectations and therefore we provide a high quality tailor-made service…

Emergency cleaning in Geneva

Shravaka is proud to present its emergency cleaning service. Need a service provider to maintain your premises by express? We are at your service. Cleanliness guaranteed. Quick and free quotation. Emergency professional cleaning.

Medical practices cleaning

Medical practices should receive the most attention. Doctors’ offices, laboratories, hospitals and clinics are areas of high risk of contamination. It is our goal to ensure sanitary medical places…

Window cleaning

Windows are the outside image of your business or your home. This is very often the first thing people will see. Depending on your location, our experts advise you to clean your windows once or twice a month…

Mono-brush cleaning for all types of floors

There are several ways to clean the floors. The problem is that we do not often have the time and the means to do it properly with good equipment. If you decide to leave the task to a professional, make sure he has a machine equipped for stripping all types of floors.

Mattress cleaning

With many years of experience in cleaning and especially home cleaning, François, founder of Shravaka, offers deep mattresses cleaning services. Allergies, difficulty to sleep, bacterias, moths… thanks to our tools, products and methods, we gives a new life to your mattress, for your health and well-being…

Home cleaning

Do you want to save time and enjoy your family, your friends or have personal time after work rather than spending your time on your household chores? Shravaka offers housekeeping services. We work with your schedule to make your daily life a little easier…

Cleaning houses and apartments in Petit-Lancy

Cleanliness plays an important role in the comfort of your home, but many homeowners simply do not have the time to accomplish this task because of their active lifestyle. Shravaka goes further to offer the best possible cleanliness to your home. At Shravaka, we recognize that a clean home is a happy home, which is why we are proud to offer comprehensive cleaning services.


Shop slats, windows and frames cleaning

Spring is here, nature is waking up and the sun is shining through the windows. What if you took that opportunity to finally clean your exterior blinds, windows and frames ?

Dental office cleaning

Dental offices are now more than ever requesting professional cleaning services, and rightly so. Dental practices require qualified and competent cleaning companies to ensure healthy and hygienic spaces…

Home cleaning in Onex

You want to enjoy your family instead of spending hours cleaning your apartment or your house ? You live in Onex or very close and need help from a team of professionals ? Shravaka offers  tailor-made housekeeping services.

Office cleaning in Plan-Les-Ouates

Do you work in Plan-les-ouates? You want to enjoy your family, you work and you no longer have time to waste cleaning your office? Shravaka is proud to offer you a tailor-made cleaning service that adapts to your time schedule to make your life easier. Because we know that a clean office is an efficient office.


Home help for pregnant women

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you are already having children, pregnancy is always a stressful time in a woman’s life. Your work, added to that the household chores and the rest of your activities can quickly become difficult to reconcile.


Bed bug detection company in Geneva

Shravaka is proud to present its bed bug detection service in Geneva. Shravaka has been in the cleaning industry for over 11 years. Shravaka is not only aimed at the commercial and hotel industry, but also at the residential industry. When a bed bug problem exists, whether at home or at work, Shravaka. is the solution.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have regarding your cleaning project with Shravaka: we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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