Window cleaning

It is very (very) easy to notice stains, fingerprints and grease or marks left by bad weather on windows. Easier than on any other surface. Shravaka is cleaning company in Grand-Lancy, expert in window cleaning since 1991.

We clean the inside and the outside of all types of windows:

  • Classic or rounded windows.
  • Bay windows and showcase windows.
  • High windows, roof windows.
  • Glass doors.
  • Glazed doors.
  • Glazed railings.
  • Check windows.
  • Mirrors.
  • Verandas.
  • Canopy.

Office cleaning: why cleaning windows ?

The windows of your business, offices or industrial premises are your opening to the outside. It’s your image, for customers. Efficient and careful, we help bring light and brightness into your office. Windows maintenance allows you to enjoy maximum brightness in your premises.

Window cleaning should be done at least once or twice a month depending on your location. It is necessary to clean not only the outside windows but also the inside, such as the windows of the open spaces and the bay windows of the shops.

Why getting your windows cleaned by a professional in Grand-Lancy?

As a specialist of window cleaning, we have been working on this area for 10 years. We have customers who trust us like:

We use environmentally friendly products made by professionals for professionals. We do not leave any traces and protect your windows with a thin film so that the rain does not leaves no traces.

See our range of green products for cleaning and maintenance.

Shravaka, window cleaning specialist in Grand-Lancy.

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