Mowing and weeding

There are many ways to mow and weed a lawn. The problem is that we do not often have the time to do it properly. If you decide to ask for help from a professional, Shravaka is available to take care of your garden.

Gardening services

The maintenance of a lawn is a task that many Genevois gardeners take care of. Mowing and weeding help to beautify your landscaping (or garden). Moreover, to have a beautiful lawn like those of the magazines and commercials, it will be necessary to spend time in the maintenance of your garden with much rigor. Mowing your lawn will have a predominant role in keeping your garden neat. The golden rule: mow your lawn regularly.

Here are some tips for mowing and maintaining your lawn perfectly:

  • 1st and most important advice: mow regularly.
  • Do not mow on a wet lawn. Early morning is not a good time because of the “rosé”. It is best to mow on a dry lawn.
  • Cut half the height of the lawn, do not cut more at once.
  • Get rid of the mowing waste.
  • Water in good quantity without flooding, but not too often.
  • Feed your lawn with fertilizer 4 times a year.

Entrust the maintenance of your garden to professionals

To save you time and avoid mistakes it is easier to entrust the maintenance of your garden to a team of professionals. We have packages based on time:per the hour, half day or a day. You can contact us for a free estimate of the mowing and weeding of your garden.

Shravaka expert in mowing and weeding in Grand-Lancy.

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