Cutting of your hedges trees, shrubs and perennials

There are many ways to trim your hedges, trees, shrubs and perennials. The problem is that we do not often have the time to do it properly. If you decide to leave the task to a professional, Shravaka is available to take care of your hedges, trees, shrubs and perennials.

Why mow your hedges?

The maintenance of a hedge is a task that many Genevois gardeners take care of. Mowing hedges help to beautify your outdoor landscaping. Trimming plays a decisive role to accelerate the growth and the flowering of the small or big shrubs. Usually, it is necessary to trim hedges three times a year, preferably in spring between May and June and in summer between August and September. The maintenance and the cut of the hedges are used to model the face of your landscaping by limiting its dimensions and making them thicker. Trimming also removes all dead branches.

Collecting dead leaves

Your garden is covered with leaves? Shravaka can come to pick up the dead leaves of your garden so that it regains all its splendor. Shravaka has been providing personal services since 1991. Once hedges and other plants cut, take the opportunity to pick up dead leaves in addition to the cut branches. This method will save you time. If you entrust this task to a hedge trimming company, you can ask them to perform this service for you.

Entrust the maintenance of your hedges and other plants to professionals

To save time and avoid mistakes it is easier to entrust the maintenance of your hedges, trees, shrubs and perennials to a team professionals.We have packages based on time: per the hour, half day or a day. You can contact us to have a free tailor-made and detailed estimate.

Shravaka expert in hedge trimming in Grand-Lancy.

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