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Established since 8 years in Grand-Lancy, Canton of Geneva, François Potestat, founder of Shravaka, is a specialist of the cleaning industry. His main goal is to ensure clean and healthy home and offices for local communities. François works with demanding customers, including seniors with whom he has built a strong relationships through the years. He makes his customers his main focus. People love François for his personality and his work but also for the attention he gives them. Always pleased to share a moment with his clients, whether to talk, for a coffee or even lunch.

Attentive to the needs of seniors who seek to maintain their autonomy to stay at home as long as possible, François does not need to be guided as to the tasks to be performed. “I clean at my customers as I clean at home. If something needs to be done thoroughly, I do not wait for anyone to tell me to do it.”

That is how he likes to do the job. He works until he knows that he’ll leave behind a perfectly clean place that matches his client’s expectations and his personal satisfaction.

The love of a well done job, the respect of others and the self development are important values for François. Coming from the orphanage, he’s now able to look back at his difficult past and  be proud for all he achieved. From being able to create his own cleaning company to being so appreciated by each of his customers.

Very early, François had to learn to fend for himself, contributing to the housework of his nanny as a child. Furthermore, being dyslexic, he had to work even harder to achieve a result of which he is particularly proud. Today, he puts his knowledge and expertise as well as his personality and sincerity to the benefits of customers.

Besides his work efficiency, François is also passionate about Buddhism. At the age of 12, he discovered the benefits of meditation, using it as a refuge inside himself to find the comfort he needed growing up. As you may wonder, the name of his company, Shravaka, is directly derived from Buddhism and means “way of life”.

An evocative name that reflects the thoughts of this lovely human being. Today, thanks to the teachings and experiences of his past, François works with clients that resemble him. With respect and trust, in a positive energy environment. A choice of life that fits him perfectly and with which he feels serene and happy. Ready to give of himself when it is necessary, for the well-being of the individuals he works with.

Emergency cleaning in Geneva

An emergency for a cleaning: intervention in 24H, Sundays and holidays. Entreprise Shravaka is at your side for a fast and efficient cleaning !

Our services

All the necessary services for a full cleaning of your entire professional space, no matter the surface.

How to clean to protect against Corona Virus

With the widespread spread of covid-19 and its devastating consequences, hygiene has never been more critical. For protect against coronavirus, several everyday gestures had to be abandoned, others recommended.

Cleaning and home help for the elderly

Although indispensable, housework is certainly one of the least appreciated tasks. When you are an elderly person, cleaning becomes even more difficult.


Shravaka offers new services: trimming of hedges and other outdoor plants, mowing and weeding of the garden, delivery in Geneva of meals at home …

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