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Do you want to save time and enjoy your family, your friends or have personal time after work rather than spending your time on your household chores? Shravaka offers housekeeping services. We work with your schedule to make your daily life a little easier…

We provide “à la carte” cleaning of your home, in Grand-Lancy et Geneva

We have been working in Geneva and Grand-Lancy for more than 20 years. Our offer “à la carte” full house cleaning. We work with your schedule, adapt to your constraints and meet your needs. We intervene periodically in order to to keep your cozy home clean and healthy at all time.

Your home may require extensive cleaning in certain situations such as:

  • After a party: major celebrations such as a birthday party, a family reunion or a friends reception may require the help of a cleaning expert to put your home back in perfect condition, just like nothing happened.
  • After moving: you have to leave and return your place and you do not have time to clean it ? Well, you may lose your deposit. It is difficult to put an apartment or a house in order, this is when we work our magic. We put your home in perfect condition so you don’t have to worry about your deposit anymore.
  • After a renovation: the work can produce a lot of dust and dirt. Let us clean after your home renovation and you will come back to an impeccable place.

Shravaka cleans from floor to ceiling, room after room

We can your life easier by doing your cleaning chores:

  • cleaning the underside of furnitures
  • dusting furnitures
  • cleaning and polishing floors, skirting boards, radiators and switches
  • descaling faucets, toilets and bathroom
  • cleaning chandeliers
  • at home ironing
  • cleaning windows
  • descaling bathroom (anti-limescale)
  • kitchen maintenance, dishes

Choosing Shravaka means choosing quality services, qualified and experienced employees. See our page in the city of Lancy.

We only use environmentally responsible products, made by professionals for professionals. See our range of ecological cleaning products.

Shravaka’s advice for electrical appliances maintenance

After spring cleaning, everything must shine in the house. It is important to include in the cleaning and maintenance of all electrical appliances, especially those in the kitchen. Among other things, you must empty the refrigerator and defrost it if necessary. Do not forget to clean the inside and the grids with a mild cleanser. Also think about descaling the coffee maker, washing the microwave and disposing of food waste in the toaster or oven. The cleaning of the television and the computer is also to be considered. The only tool required is a soft piece of cloth.

Shravaka, expert in home cleaning for houses and apartments in Grand-Lancy.

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