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Many dental offices opened this year in Geneva. But how to ensure the cleanliness of these places? There are several ways to clean a dental office. The problem is that we often do not have the time (perhaps because of traffic jams in Geneva, Grand-Lancy …) or the knowledge to do it properly. If you decide to leave the task to a professional, here are the parameters that require your attention.

Why to call a team of professionals to clean your dental office?

Our job been became more and more modern and techniques have improved, we no longer use the old methods. New technical means of cleaning have developed. Their application is reserved for qualified and trained professionals.

It is important for a cleaning service provider to have a perfect knowledge of his materials and the surfaces to be cleaned in order not to cause any damage by using an incompatible product. That’s why, the choice of product is important to ensure cleaning efficiency and durability of the materials getting cleaned. At Shravaka, we only use environmentally friendly products of high quality: see our products.

A product often used by Shravaka to clean a doctor’s office is HAKATOP: an acid-free intensive cleanser with no scent and no color of pH2.

Hakatop cleans, removes tartar and disinfects surfaces. It is prepared without chlorine, dye or perfume. It is a colorless liquid product with an acidic pH. This product also contains Benzalkonium Chloride, which is a powerful disinfectant. Want to know more about this product ? You can find all the peculiarities of Hakatop here. Shravaka is the only cleaning company in Geneva that uses this product.

How professionals clean dental offices

Professional cleaning services are now required by many dental offices that need qualified and capable professionals for their practices. Indeed, the cleaning of this type of premises is different from a conventional cleaning. It is not just about mopping the floor, vacuuming or dusting furniture.

The workplace of a dentist should reflect the service provided by the dental office. In other words, it must be of impeccable hygiene so that the patients who come there feel reassured. It is not possible that leave residues or dust from previous days.

How to organize the cleaning of the dental office ?

Each room is managed differently by cleaning professionals. Before carrying out the work and  with the persons in charge of the premises, they must identify particular objects or places that deserve special care.

Identifying the different areas will help determine methods, procedures, frequencies and products suitable for each of them, depending on the risks involved. For example, they are areas called domestic areas. There, cleaning must be done on a daily basis.

This cleaning of domestic areas concerns areas that are least exposed to risks; these are the parts receiving patients such as:

  • the reception
  • corridors
  • the waiting rooms
  • radiology rooms
  • storage rooms

To ensure that the service meets the needs of the client and takes place in the best conditions we establish together a work routine.

Cleaning company: Shravaka’s asset

At Shravaka, we insist on the quality of service and attention to detail. We do not neglect any aspect of our job. With a good knowledge of dental equipment, we take special care in cleaning it. These include the consultation chair, X-ray machine, or tools such as the mirror, windows, scraper or probe. We also make sure there is enough necessary hygiene products in the waiting room like tissues, hand sanitizer… Learn more about all our services.

A little tip for the dental practices in Geneva.

Note that it is the role of the cleaning company’s salesman to take into account your needs, to offer you an appropriate service, meeting your expectations. Anyway, before calling on a cleaning company, make sure you request several quotes. This will allow you to find the best offer.

Shravaka, expert in dentist office cleaning in Grand-Lancy.

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