The expert vacuum cleaner for maintenance on all surfaces.

Innovation, power, silence, the perfect vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleaning of your home.

In recent years Shravaka has used to Vorwerk for all cleanings in Geneva and regions. In addition, we always use ecological products for quality cleaning and environmentally friendly.

Technology that says stop to dust?

YES, home cleaning with vk200 multifunction vacuum cleaner is a real revolution to get rid of dust. Dust can have serious consequences for your health and that of those around you. Find all information about it in this article: What are the effects of dust on the lungs?

For a healthy home from floor to ceiling, the vk200 multifunction vacuum has a textile scrubber that can clean bedding, armchairs, sofas or car seats. 99.999% of dust, mites and dirt is instantly sucked up.

With its ergonomic handle, adjustable telescopic handle, casters with pivoting joints, the Kobold VK200 is extremely practical, compact and will avoid back pains. It is at the heart of a modular system consisting of 6 specific tips specifically designed to allow cleaning all surfaces (parquet, carpet, linoleum…) and textiles above ground. An ultra-complete device, however you have to acquire all additional accessories to use it as a whole… As is the case with the brands of Vorwerk (Thermomix, Kobold ..).

Grand Prix of Innovation Foire de Paris

The multifunction vacuum cleaner vk200 is at the Paris fair for the grand prize of innovation. You wonder why ? Just watch the video:

Why choose Vorwerk Kobold VK200 as a vacuum cleaner?

  1. Because it is able to capture 99.999% of household dust as well as all the allergens that can harm your health.
  2. Because it can also dry clean the mattresses, cars, windows …
  3. We can suck and wash with the same device, it allows us to be much more productive
  4. And finally for the overall performance that surpasses all its competitors.

The Vorwerk Kobold VK200 is a powerful and compact vacuum cleaner. At Shravaka it’s his performance that convinced us. No need to have three vacuums per person to clean all surfaces, now one device is enough.

In addition, its the fact that it is so compact is very convenient because it allows us to move in small van. No need for a big carrier to move it. We can park easily in Geneva center, Carouge, Grand-Lancy …

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