Hakatop: descaler and intensive cleanser

You have trouble getting rid of scale on your sanitary equipment ? Looking for a powerful cleaner to use on your home appliances? Are you looking for an effective disinfectant as well ? Hakatop is here to make your life easier. Discover its specificities and its applications below.

The specificities of Hakatop

Hakatop cleans, removes tartar and disinfects surfaces. It is prepared without chlorine, dye or perfume. It is a colorless liquid product with an acidic pH. This product also contains Benzalkonium Chloride, which is a powerful disinfectant.

Applications of Hakatop

Hakatop is perfect for floor cleaning. It can help you make your plastic floors shine and restore radiance to your tiles. Note however that it is not suitable for marble and terracotta floors. You can also use this product on stainless steel and plastic objects. It is also possible to use it to clean the toilets, faucets, faience, the walls of the shower… Hakatop also helps you make your refrigerator and your dishwasher as clean as they can get. likewise, Hakatop can be used to disinfect garbage cans and food containers. We would like to emphasis on the fact that this product does not only clean, it prevents the appearance of mold and also eliminates bad odors.

How to dose Hakatop ?

Regarding the dosage of Hakatop, it takes 30 to 60ml for 10 liters of water for intensive cleaning.1 volume of water for 1 volume of Hakatop for sanitary cleaning and 180ml for 5 liters of water for fridge cleaning.

Shravaka Hakatop : descaler and intensive cleaner
Shravaka Hakatop : descaler and intensive cleaner

Identification of hazards:

  • Classification (Regulation (EC) N 1272/2008)
  • The products are used exclusively by the company SHRAVAKA within the framework of its professional activity and are not available for sale.
HAKATOP intensive acid cleaner without perfume and colorant pH 2
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