The terrace of your home is a much sought-after outdoor space for various activities that you can enjoy alone, with friends or even with family. It is therefore subject to the vagaries of the weather on a daily basis, so cleaning the terrace is an interesting issue that deserves a little more attention.

L’entretien de votre terrasse

It is more than obvious that your terrace deserves daily maintenance, as it can be heavily used for many activities. In a group or on its own, this part of your house is regularly taken over, and in addition to the different weather conditions to which it is subjected, it therefore deserves regular maintenance.

Like the other rooms in your house, the terrace needs even more maintenance every day. Your maintenance equipment will then depend on the flooring of your terrace. You probably know that a tiled floor cannot be cleaned like a parquet floor.

This can range from a simple sweeping of the terrace to more extensive maintenance. You should be aware that it will probably need to be well prepared for winter and those long, cold days. At the end of this long and very hostile winter season, you may well suspect that you will need to clean your deck.

Spring cleaning

In the aftermath of the long winter season that your terrace will be facing, given the little damage that this outdoor space will have suffered, cleaning is a must. Moisture deposits and other vegetation or many dead leaves need to be cleaned.

It is important to know that cleaning is a more thorough maintenance of the terrace, therefore it is not done on a regular basis. This deeper maintenance of the terrace therefore takes place under very specific conditions, such as the spring cleaning of the terrace.

Indeed, the level of encrustation of dirt is such that it requires quality equipment. Many possibilities are available to you. You can choose to use a water jet powerful enough to remove the various types of dirt, a high-pressure washer will also be ideal for deep cleaning.

The right time to clean the terrace

As we have explained to you, the cleaning of your terrace is done at least twice a year, apart from the daily maintenance that you give it. Winter is a particularly aggressive time for the terrace and its passage is always followed by a heap of dirt.

The beginning of spring is one of the ideal times to clean your terrace, of course depending on the extent of the dirt, you may have to use quite powerful cleaning tools. After all, weeks of bad weather have allowed various types of dirt to become embedded in the flooring of your terrace. It is therefore advisable to remove this dirt if you wish to enjoy your terrace for your daily activities.

The cleaning of your terrace must therefore be the result of a need for thorough maintenance. It is important to know that depending on the floor covering of your terrace, it will need a good cleaning at least twice a year.

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