With many years of experience in cleaning and home cleaning, François, founder of Shravaka, offers deep mattress cleaning. Allergies, difficulty to sleep, bacteria, mites … thanks to its equipments, products and methods, François gives a new life to your mattresses for your health and well-being.

Why to clean your mattress

A mattress acts as support that ensures a comfortable lying position for a restful sleep. If it can be covered with a pad or an absorbent fabric to be protected from stains and dust, however this simple protection is not enough to keep it properly clean.

While sleeping, we lose a lot of water. Moisture penetrates the mattress, even through the protection, that’s why is critical to air your mattress regularly. A simple gesture is to ventilate the bedroom after leaving the bed each morning. To evacuate away the moisture that has accumulated in the mattress during the night.

Mattresses are also elements, such as sofas and cushions, where dust mites develop, causing respiratory allergies for both humans and pets. In fact, 75% of respiratory allergies are caused by mites !

One of the best ways to minimize dust mites in the mattresses, is to perform a intensive cleaning.

Shravaka cleans your mattresses in depth

Located in Grand-Lancy, Canton of Geneva, we come to your place to clean your mattresses in depth.

We use the best equipments and professional products to clean your mattresses.

Equipped with a Vorwerk device and high-performance products, François comes to your place to clean your mattress and ensure you a restful and healthy sleep. He uses the following method:

  1. Vacuuming the mattress with a special brush (Vorwerk)
  2. Brushing of the mattress with a special brush, to make the dry cleaning product into the fabric
  3. Once the mattress is dry, it is again aspirated with a special brush
  4. The bed is now clean and sound, ready to be covered with protection and sheets.

To keep your bedding clean, contact us now !

  • Quick intervention at home to clean your mattresses.
  • 30 min per single mattress, 1h for a double mattress.
  • Equipment and cleaning products provided.
  • Very neat work.

For your health, have your mattress cleaned once to twice a year.
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