Especially formulated for companies in the food industry, Hakasinol is a disinfectant-cleaner that is used against bacteria and fungi. In compliance with the standards EN 1276 and EN 1650, it obtained the market authorization AMM No. 205 0081 by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

shravaka hakasinol

Composition of Hakasinol

Hakasinol disinfectant-cleaner is essentially composed of ingredients authorized for the maintenance of materials intended to be in contact with food. It contains less than 5% of nonionic surfactants, EDTA, alkaline agents, didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride. It has no perfume or coloring. Eco-friendly, this product does not show any trace of formaldehyde or substances that can release it. It is prepared without heavy materials or other substances that may have an impact on the environment or your health.

What to clean with Hakasinol ?

Hakasinol can be used in storage rooms, on transport equipment, as well as on storage equipment. It can also be used for the bactericidal and fungicidal treatment of products from plant and animal origin. Complying with EN 1276, this professional disinfectant-cleaner successfully neutralizes bacteria with a cleaning rate of over 99.99%. Responding to the EN 1276 standard, it is a disinfectant of great effectiveness against fungi and yeasts. Note that it is also possible to use Hakasinol for disinfection of the refrigerator and washing machine.

How to use Hakasinol ?

In case of frequent cleaning, observe a dosage of 15 ml for 1 liter of water. To let the product work, a waiting time of 5 to 15 minutes must be respected. In case of heavy soiling, a dosage of 40 ml for 1 liter of water is recommended. The waiting period is therefore 15 minutes. Once the waiting time has elapsed, rinse with drinking water to eliminate the remains of the product.