There are several ways to clean a desk. The problem is that we often don’t have the time or the means to do it properly. If you decide to leave the task to a professional, here are the parameters that deserve your attention.

Office cleaning services

Our job became more modern, the means have improved and we no longer use the old methods such as dusting and polishing with a feather duster. Nowadays, new cleaning techniques have been developed. Their use is usually reserved for qualified and trained professionals.

It is important for a cleaning service professional to have a perfect knowledge of the materials and the surfaces to be cleaned to avoid damaging them by the use of an incompatible product. That is why, the choice of product is important to ensure cleaning efficiency and durability of the material to be cleaned.

How office cleaning companies operate

Each type of room is treated differently by cleaning professionals. Before carrying out the work, he must identify, with the persons in charge of the premises, the objects or places which deserve special care. This is to ensure that the cleaning meets the needs of the client and takes place in the best conditions.

Office cleaning companies can also be contacted in specific situations. If your staff is affected by a flu outbreak, you might need the help of a cleaning company to disinfect your office. The team is responsible for disinfecting the elements likely to spread the virus such as door handles, sanitary equipment or telephones.

Office cleaning companies use different equipment from these used by professionals specialized in industrial or commercial cleaning. Some equipments such as the single-disc brush is not compatible with office cleaning. The service provider usually uses his hands to keep the premises and facilities clean. He must be meticulous in the execution of his work.

The planning of an office cleaning agent

first of all, the cleaning employee must have a well-established schedule to better organize himself in the performance of his duties. He must be well informed with the nature of his missions in order to be able to identify the materials and products to bring for the intervention.

The cleaning professional performs his various tasks in a very specific order. It usually starts by ventilating the offices by opening the windows, then dusting furniture, computer equipment and radiators. Then, the cleaning employee cleans furniture, elevator buttons and handrails. In addition, he must disinfects the elements that can promote the proliferation of germs. He also deals with the disinfection of sanitary facilities and floors.

Note that it is the mission of the salesman of the cleaning company to take into account your needs, in order to offer you a customized service to meet your expectations. Anyway, before calling any cleaning company, make sure you request several quotes. This will allow you to find the best offer.