Maintenance wax: for a clean and shiny floor

Maintenance Wax is a white wax recommended for the cleaning and maintenance of floors. It has the specificity of shining while drying. Easy to apply, this wax can be used pure or diluted.

On what type of surface to use the maintenance wax?

The maintenance wax can be applied on many types of floor. You can use it on tiled floor, marble, travertine, terracotta or even Artois sandstone. You can also use it on plastic floors, on vitrified floors as well as on linoleum floors. However, it is not recommended for use on rough stone floors, unglazed parquet floors and untreated cork floors.

Understand the dosage and use of the maintenance wax

You can use the maintenance wax in its pure form. Doing so, just apply it on the ground in a homogeneous way using a wet sponge. If you prefer to dilute it, count 30ml of wax for 5 liters of water and apply it directly on the surface. Once dried, it will look very bright and shiny.

The composition of the maintenance wax

Natural waxes are used in the composition of the maintenance wax. Among them, carnauba wax is a wax from a Brazilian palm tree. The good thing is that in order to remove wax, it is not necessary to use any chemical solvents, a simple wash is enough. Note that this product contains less than 5% nonionic surfactants. It is contains no perfume or silicone. 

shravaka-hakabella polishing wax emulsion
shravaka : Hakabella polishing wax emulsion

Identification of hazards:

  • Classification (Regulation (EC) N 1272/2008)
  • The product is not considered a hazardous preparation.
  • The products are used exclusively by the company SHRAVAKA within the framework of its professional activity and are not available for sale.

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