How to successfully do a spring cleaning, step by step

The different steps for a successful spring cleaning, yearly cleaning or spring cleanup usually scare people. Between washing, sorting things out, we do not know where to start ! In order not to feel overwhelmed it must be done step by step.Here is a list of the tasks to consider.

To start, sorting things.

The return of spring is like a new year starting. It symbolizes a new beginning in life. The gloom of winter disappears to give way to the sweetness of spring. So, it is the perfect time to put some order in our homes. The first step in cleaning the house is sorting the things. Start with the dressings ! We must think about re selling or donating clothes that we no longer use. It’s the same with furniture. Then, you have to discard objects that are too worn or damaged. Finally, store your files a little !

The Big Cleaning as the program

Now you have to take the courage and literally start cleaning. It is necessary to start with the ceilings. Simply use a soft bristle brush for dusting and a scrubber for washing.

Cleaning the walls is the next task. The technique to adopt depends on the type of coating. If it’s wallpaper, make sure it’s washable. In the opposite case, a little dedusting is enough. To wash, simply soap the walls and rinse well.

Then you have to clean the windows. You do not need specific tools. Just use water and sponge.

The next step is the cleaning of the floors. Once again, the operation to be performed depends based on the type of coating. For parquet, a polish is enough. If you have lino floors, you can clean it with a mop. On the other hand, for carpets, it is necessary to use a special tool like an injector-extractor. For tiles, a quick wash with black soap will do the trick.

Carpet cleaning is also on the agenda. You must equip yourself with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, shampoos and water to clean fabric fiber and earth Sommières to remove dirt.

Furniture cleaning

If you decide to keep some of your furniture, you will have to take care of it. Everything starts with dusting. Then you can continue with some practical care. If you are facing raw wood, you will need to remove the stains with glass paper. Washing with water is necessary if the furniture is waxed wood. Finally, if they are painted wood, it is better to use soda crystals to get rid of dirt.

Maintenance of electrical appliances

After the big spring cleaning, everything must shine in the house. That’s why we need to include in the program the cleaning and maintenance of all electrical appliances, especially those in the kitchen. Among other things, you must empty the refrigerator and defrost it if necessary. Do not forget to clean the inside and the grids with a mild cleanser. Also think about descaling the coffee maker, washing the microwave and disposing of food waste in the toaster or oven. The cleaning of the television and the computer is also to be considered. The only tool required is a soft cloth.