Transparent and liquid, the Stain Remover Spray with Oxy-Power removes stains from washable and dyed fabrics, coloured or white.

Product specifications

Greasy and oily stains, stains from sauces, red wine, vegetables, waxing, ketchup, butter, foundation on textiles can be easily removed with this Spray Stain Remover. This product allows an impeccable cleaning of cuffs and collars. It is also effective against bad odours on the fabric. It is fragrance-free and limits the risk of allergy in sensitive people. It owes its effectiveness to its washing and bleaching agents.

Composition and ecological advantages of the Spray

The Stain Remover Spray contains no perfume, colorants, preservatives, chlorine or phosphate. It is packed with recyclable and reusable materials. Anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, oxygenated bleaches represent less than 5% of its composition.

Tips for use

Apply the product 5 minutes before washing on the stain. Apply a second application in case of stubborn stains. It is not recommended for use on wool, leather, silk, or textiles with metal trim. The spray is not effective on rust and blood stains.

In addition, the treated fabric should not be exposed to the sun. For safety reasons, it should be kept out of the reach of children. It is also important to avoid aspiration through the nose, contact of the product with the eyes and skin.